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Hello all,

I've been getting a number of requests (from our very small remaining community) to update Iocaine to support usage on the Nasomi server.

There are a couple of reasons I will not be doing this.
1, (which is the deal breaker) From what I've read, Nasomi uses the FFXI client from 2005 (thus the 'legacy' aspect). In order to align Iocaine with that client, not only the offsets and memory signatures would need to be rolled back to a point in history before they existed (Iocaine2 wasn't around until 2008), but the way things work in game are often different. The fishing game has changed multiple times since then. In short, this would be a large undertaking what I do not have the time or will to do.

2, I have mixed feelings about hacking a game that someone has spent so much time and effort to release, essentially for free, when they've clearly said they don't want people botting.

I'm open to discussion, maybe I'm not well informed about the project. But I don't see this happening.
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Just wanted to add some input.

You've said in multiple threads you lack the time to commit to making certain changes, adding features, or adding support for private servers. I -completely- understand this, but please realize a lot of your users are in the exact same situation which is why we use hacks/bots in the first place. I was 13 when I first started playing XI and am now quickly approaching 30. None of us are teenagers any more with seemingly limitless time to play. Nasomi server is the highest population private server and offers the most authentic experience for the FFXI era that I enjoyed most. Unfortunately, Nasomi refuses to implement nearly any quality of life changes and so playing in its current state with my other life commitments is just not viable. Even a fishing bot to offset some of that beginning grind would be amazing. I personally would be willing to pay an additional premium for working Nasomi bots, and if others express the same, maybe that would be fair compensation for your limited time.

Also, to counter #2 - Nasomi has a reputation for adjusting job balance on a whim to suit his personal friends. There was a "bug" that allowed many players (personal friends) to exploit and gain relic weapons. He devotes a lot of his own time and money to his server so while that is absolutely unfair, I consider that to be his prerogative. Considering this, however, I think hacking a game that has an inherent imbalance is more morally justified than you'd previously considered.

Just some food for thought. I appreciate your work and contributions.
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