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Welcome to FFXI Scripting, your one-stop-shop for all your Final Fantasy XI needs. We are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2023 and continue to support and provide for the community. Our product line includes Iocaine 2, burners 7in1, and additional Fishing Bots, Crafting Bot and various hacks, Game Mods and Overlays. We offer both .dll hooking software and image processing software, which can intercept game code and send commands directly to the servers while remaining undetectable by Square Enix. Rogue Tools & IOCAINR are free of adware, spyware, and viruses, ensuring that your gameplay remains safe and secure. 

Our software has been reported to be working on official servers in 2023!

Software & Bots

Rogue Tools

Rogue Tools includes the following bots all hand coded by burners

Fishing Bot | Fishing Bot with autosort and bait

Provoke | Simple NM hunting bot

Bard | Bard Skill Leveling Bot

Enhance | WHM/BLM Skill Leveling Bot

Summon | Summoner Bloodpact Skill Leveling Bot

Party | Plays a skillbased support character class in a party with a wide range of features

Power-Leveling | Plays a High-Level healer class targeted to an individual

Advanced bots such as the Power-Leveling bot will follow your character, Heal MP and HP during battle when possible, accept commands in chat form directed at the bot player and more. 


IOCAINE 2 Fishing Bot by Hammy Official Home


Windows, Hacks, & More


David Orlo, also known as burners, began developing FFXI Scripting in early 2003 as a learning exercise in Software/Scripting languages applied to something he was familiar with. Over time, it evolved into a more advanced and user-friendly set of software that required his coding skills to quickly evolve, adopt programming standards and dive into the world of GUI creation. However, this was a challenging task as the software language AIT only had a GUI in beta, which made the process time-consuming and buggy. During the development of the software, burners also learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and MYSQL to create the first website, burnersware.com. While working on the website, burners assisted in fixing broken code in the official PHPBB Paypal Integration Mod which completely broke when using with the newly released PHP / PHPBB at the time. The website quickly gained popularity, surpassing burners' expectations, leading to a rebranding with a user-friendly, self-descriptive name. FFXIScripting.com was born.

Matt Hampton, also known as Hammy and the developer of IOCAINE, joined burnersware in 2006 and quickly became a popular content provider. burners noticed this and promoted him to MOD, then Master Admin. Hammy developed IOCAINE, which complemented burners' software with a different programming style. Interestingly, burners and Hammy share many hobbies and interests outside of FFXI and programming despite living on opposite sides of the US and meeting on a forum, developing software which neither do as a career. Although Hammy has an Aston Martin, burners swears he had the cooler bike (don't tell Hammy). Square Enix referred to FFXIScripting/burnersware as a full team of individuals, but it was only the two of them working on their respective software collections. This was in contrast to the other major Botting Software companies that offset their income through RMT. burners and Hammy did not use their software for RMT personally, as neither created their software for that purpose. 

Within the first year of its release, almost all major players in the software botting space abandoned FFXI except for some plugins like Windower and various other game hacks. When SE released Fishing System 2.0, links referring back to FFXIS/burnersware were the only botting software in the Google search results for FFXI. It was during this time that burners released the Rogue Hyper Fishing Bot, which completely circumvented Squares new anti-botting fishing system while remaining undetectbale. Sqaure Enix addressed FFXI and burners threw down the gauntlet in response. During this time, burners created the "Viva La burnersware" catchphrase and associated T-shirts, which were given to forum users who were recognized for their contributions in helping others and sharing content.Later around 2010, burners had a full circle moment when he ran into someone wearing one of these shirts at the Micro Center in Madison Heights Michigan. It is noteworthy that this occurred before the rise of YouTube, when it was not typical for an average person to have tens or hundreds of thousands of people familiar with their work. Even today, burners is still humbled by the experience and greatly appreciative of every single member who helped out in any way.

*The b is always lowercase in burners

~Viva La burnersware


Here we are, 20 years later, and burners' original promise to keep the website up as long as there is demand still holds true. burners and Hammy still visit the forums occasionally to perform admin tasks and maintain the software and website. The website has gone through multiple hosting changes from shared to dedicated and back as the game aged. It has undergone several upgrades, including full PHP upgrades that often break plugins, site mods, and themes. The website has had approximately five major theme rewrites, with each one being customized painstakingly .png by .png in Paint Shop Pro. The current theme is a standard PHPBB theme that was necessary to get through the last significant website upgrade in January 2023, which could not be postponed any longer. David Orlo is presently working on any remaining repairs and creating new pages and content to replace any broken ones. Please be patient as I am only one individual with full-time obligations and an LLC to keep on top of in my day-to-day. If you notice anything broken that hurts functionality, please report it to me at the URL below.

For any website-related requests, concerns, or issues,

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