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FFXiScripting is community driven and supported, We have been here since 2003 and will continue to support FFXI as long as there is a desire to use our software

First and foremost if this is your first time to FFXIScripting let me say welcome ...

and thank you very much for stopping by. Kick off your shoes and stay a while, we have a lot to offer. Please make sure you register because you wont be able to see or do much on the forums until you do. My name is burners and I am one of the acting administrators, the other admin and current heavy contributor to our most recent bots and programs is Hammy025. You will want to get to know him and keep tabs on what he is working on because he is responsible for some of the best programs we have to offer.

New Site is UP and Running Great

The new site has been up and running for some time now and seems to be running great. The new dedicated server is extremely fast, pages load in the blink of an eye as long as your home connection is fast enough. I ran some speed tests on the old site vs. the new site and the differences definitely noticeable. The theme is nearly complete and the new homepage is working out nicely. I have been working on the automated checkout and it seems to have worked for most users with a kink here and there. If it doesn't work for you you can still gain access with a simple PM. I have installed several mods to expand on the functionality of the site including Multiple File uploads and automatic image resizing. Let me know what you think so far by posting in the thread for the new site located in the Lounge.

New Games section added in the forums for Full length games. Most of these games are Indie style games because they don't require any type of key or registration with online servers. I have been buying these games at full price to give them to you to "test out" before you buy a copy for yourself. I have also added a section for other game related software which I have made a few contributions to myself. Remember you must be registered and a paid member to access these new forum sections.

Paypal Integration is complete but I am still working out a few bugs. The most important thing you can do before checking out is to make sure you are logged into the forums before starting the checkout process. I added a new link in the forums to checkout but you can only see the link after you have logged in. The link is located on the main menu bar under Purchase Membership.

What are bots? and what are they used for? 

Ever wish you could just leave Final Fantasy XI or World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG running and have a buddy play for you while you sleep, eat, or do some house work, maybe even go to work? No need to wish any longer, ffxiscripting has answered your prayers ffxiscripting bots automate certain tasks in your favorite MMORPG to help you level certain skills and even MAKE in game MONEY while your away from your computer Stop wasting real money on in game money when you can make it yourself easily and effortlessly Get that piece of expensive armor you have had your eye on without dipping into your real life pocket book Never miss your favorite show again, never get yelled at for forgetting some chores (like taking out the trash) never let another second go to waste while your in the shower, at the movies, or just plain out getting some rest When your ready to shut the game down and do something else just kick the game into auto drive and watch the skills go up and/or some money come in Keep your skills maxed for maximum party and personal benefit Be known as a good player in game who keeps their characters stats maxed out with our skill botting software Other bots (free bots and paid botting programs) usally require programming knowledge and/or a great deal of time by the end user to setup and get working properly Our bots DO NOT require any programming knowledge or complicated time consuming setup procedures You simply download the software, check some boxes in the easy to use gui (pictured Above, setup your in game macros, and thats it. Your done. Use them when you want them, dont use them when you dont want to. Its just that easy We offer a complete setup guide with easy to follow pictures that cover everything from downloading the software to running and turning off the software ALL of our software is 100% adware/spyware FREE We hate adware/spyware possibly even more then you. You will NEVER find adware/spyware in ANY of our software GAURANTEED Click the Links above for specifics on what tasks each piece of software automate Still unsure? Check our feedback and see what our customers are saying about ffxiscripting botting software